Artist Statement


Squares,triangles and circles,before that was color, bold ,strong and plentiful, and before that, the idea of taking these simple shapes and infusing them with color and dimension allowing  me to transcend the obvious and create a series of works that can be viewed as floating from the wall.

I have always been interested in simplicity and complexity within a painting and aim with seemingly simple subject matter to challenge the viewer to see the complexity of contrast, harmony and illusion.

I prefer to work on gator board,because of the weight,texture and similar attributes to canvas and it allows me to construct the relief effect.I also use acrylic spray paint which enables me to either build up layers,blend in or be perfectly flat.

This series of paintings are titled with Gaelic words, which I feel best describes what the painting is about, for example in “ Sia Fleodraidh Cearnach”,which translates to Six Floating Squares  they are built to sit off the wall this enhances the optical illusion of floating or suspension in the air.